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The following newsletters, articles and interviews may be helpful for individuals trying to decide if now is the right time to sell their properties.

Newsletters for Community Owners
March 2019 (680K)
I am Selling My Park...Are You?
February 2019 Newsletter (405K)
Why are Parks Selling for Such High Prices? Should You Sell or Hold?
January 2019 Newsletter (521K)
January 2019 Newsletter: Affordable Housing & Asset Management
December 2018 Newsletter (1.3MB)
December 2018 Newsletter: An Interview with John Rogosich, CEO & CPM
Fall 2018 Newsletter (437K)
Featuring an interview with Chuck Schierbeck, MAI of Colliers International.
August 2018 Newsletter (1.7MB)
Third-Party Management
July 2018 Newsletter (582K)
The Starbucks Effect: Raising Prices in a Competitive Market.
May/June 2018 Newsletter (474K)
Is Being Debt Free the New BMW? Debit Free advice for Owners and residents.
Spring 2018 Newsletter (6.5MB)
March/April: Spring into Changing Interest Rates and an Intro to Phase 1 Reporting.
February 2018 Newsletter (2.8MB)
Lot Rent and Capital Gains in 2018...
Managers Weekly Task Checklist (50K)
Advance-focused weekly task list for site managers
January 2018 Newsletter (7.6MB)
Lot Rent Predictions and Capital Gains Tax
CAP Rate: Back to Basics (1.6MB)
Back to Basics Series: What is a CAP Rate and Why Does it Matter? Slides
December 2017 Newsletter (3.5MB)
It's the season for giving, reflecting, and for the gathering together for the joy of gathering together! For MHP owners all of 2017 has been a celebratory year!
November 2017 Newsletter (572K)
What We Do For You: Many mobile home park owners and managers do a lot for their communities' residents. The question is: do we make a mistake by not reminding them from time to time about all the things they would truly miss if these things went away or were even curtailed?
October 2017 Newsletter (539K)
We want people to understand that there are many paths to home ownership and that the housing market today is probably much more inclusive and sophisticated than many people think. Our mission at American Housing Advocates is to demonstrate that there are many paths to home ownership, including today's factory-built homes that offer American families stylish, efficient homes can exceed their housing "wants" at prices that fit their budgets.
The Lifestylist® Brands specialize in helping companies deliver creative solutions to consumer targeted projects. Combining creativity with practicality allows us to deliver results that enable consumers to participate not just speculate. By actually designing and working on our homes and products from coast to coast we get to meet and listen to your wants and needs.
August 2017 Newsletter (7.3MB)
RV/ MH Hall of Fame; Is your park a fixer upper?; Need for 3-bedroom rentals
July 2017 Newsletter (4.7MB)
Happy 4th of July! In the July newsletter learn about: How Successful Mobile Home Park owners manage their parks. Tips on filling vacant sites. Dates of upcoming Manufactured Home industry events. Free Real Estate Review of your park, a no hassle, no obligation way to see how the current market conditions value your park.
June 2017 Newsletter (3.3MB)
Curt Hames In Memoriam and Collecting ALL of the Rent, ALL of the Time.
April Newsletter 2017 (3.9MB)
The Naked Mobile Home Park and Congress & Expo pocket schedule
March 2017 Newsletter (3.6MB)
August 2016 Newsletter (2.0MB)
September 2016 Newsletter (6.1MB)
October 2016 Newsletter (1.2MB)
June 2016 Newsletter (616K)
May 2016 Newsletter (2.8MB)
November 2015 Newsletter (2.3MB)
October 2015 Newsletter (793K)
September 2015 Newsletter (555K)
July 2015 (628K)
June 2015 (4.2MB)
May 2015 (787K)
April 2015 (292K)
January 2015 (758K)
October 2014 (543K)
July 2014 (291K)
April 2014 (314K)
March 2014 Newsletter (299K)
December 2013 (547K)
September 2013 (1.1MB)
April 2013 Newsletter (545K)
February 2013 (513K)
November 2012 Newsletter (811K)
September 2012 (498K)
June 2012 (380K)
March / April 2012 (577K)
December 2011 (1.0MB)
October 2011 (345K)
August 2011 (366K)
June 2011 (366K)
April 2011 (663K)
March 2011 (374K)
January 2011 (834K)
November 2010 (370K)
September 2010 (606K)
May 2010 (488K)
July 2010 (401K)
March 2010 (345K)
February 2010 (444K)

June 2018 Fair Housing Update (798K)
New York Housing Assoc. 2017 (7.7MB)
2017 International Round Table Presentation (7.2MB)
What is Crime Free Multi-Housing? (108K)
Courtesy of Des Moines Police Department: A three phase program to certify Owners/Managers in how to create a crime free multi-housing environment.
Top 10: You've Stopped Operating Your MHP as an Investment (261K)
Top 10 Ways to Tell You've Stopped Operating Your MHP like an Investment: "What Would Warren Buffett Do?"
The Secret Shame of Middle Class Americans (127K)
Nearly half of all Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. This article by Neal Gabler appeared in the May 2016 issue of The Atlantic.
7 Day Non-Payment of Rent Schedule (339K)
This is 7 days of notices to post on the door of a non-paying resident the days between filing the notice of non-payment and filing the eviction. Adjustments can be made based on your home state forms and schedules.
Concepts for MH Associations (50K)
Frank Rolfe outlines some concepts he feels may be useful for the Iowa Manufactured Housing Association - but could be applied to other state associations as well.
Where are the Risks and Opportunities? (1.5MB)
The NAI Global Outlook by Dr. Peter Linneman, NAI Global Chief Economist, takes a look at where the risks and opportunities are for 2016.
Mapping the Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2 Bedroom Apartment (630K)
This article by Tanvi Misra in Atlantic CityLab maps the hourly wage needed in every state to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.
Rent Increase Letter (47K)
Here is an example of a rent increase letter.
More Than Just A Box On Wheels
This is a segment that aired on CBS Sunday Morning in May 2014. Mobile designer Jennifer Siegal tells us there's a bright future for mobile / manufactured homes. Correspondent Mark Strassmann visits the Atocha Mobile Home Park in Santa Fe, N.M., where the emphasis is on affordable housing; and Paradise Cove in Malibu, Calif., where mobile homes can cost millions of dollars.
Why Bullish Renters Still Aren't Buying (563K)
This article by John Carney appeared in the September 12, 2014 issue of the Wall Street Journal.
Million Dollar Mobile Homes (233K)
This article by Adam Bonislawski appeared in the Wall Street Journal on August 7, 2014. It describes how mobile home communities are attracting a new, wealthier buyer as prices soar in prime locations.
The Cold Hard Lessons of Mobile Home U. (153K)
This article by Gary Rivlin appeared in the New York Times, March 13, 2014. It follows Frank Rolfe of Mobile Home Park Store during a session of his well known "Mobile Home Park University" course, which he offers every other month in different places around the country. Information on the latest boot camp can be found at:
10 Breeds of Dogs (18K)
This list of dog breeds tells you which ones are best and worst for confined areas.
How to Collect ALL of the Rent All of the Time (68K)
This article by Joanne offers some ideas and suggestions for how to improve rent collections in your community.
Active Buyers in Today's Market (109K)
The Recession is over for Mobile Home Parks and Communities. This article talks about who today's active buyer is and what they are looking for in parks and communities. How does your park fit into today's market?
Manager Job Description (52K)
A point by point descriptions of duties for resident managers.
Rent Increases - The Why What When and How (64K)
This article by Joanne appeared in The Reporter, the publication of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA). WMA is a nonprofit organization created in 1945 for the exclusive purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of owners, operators and developers of manufactured home communities in California. WMA assists its members in the operations of successful manufactured home communities in today's complex business and regulatory environment.
FREE Report 8002 (500K)
The Seven Mistakes to Avoid When You Sell A Mobile Home Park / Manufactured Home Community.
FREE Report 8004 (186K)
The Sales Habits of Owners of Mobile Home Parks / Manufactured Home Communities.
FREE Report 8006 (157K)
Checklist To Calculate The Value of Your Community.
FREE Report 8008 (96K)
Active Buyers In Today's Market.
Annual Property Operating Data Checklist (55K)
This checklist accompanies FREE Report 8006.
FREE Report 8010 (84K)
The Seven Mistakes To Avoid When You Exchange Real Estate In A 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.
FREE Report 8014 (312K)
How To Sell A Mobile Home Park / Manufactured Home Community That Didn't Sell.
Hurrican Isaac Preparation Emergency Plan (15K)
This article on hurrican emergency preparedness comes from Kurt Kelly, the President of Mobile Insurance Agency. Kurt can be reached at: 25775 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite 110 The Woodland, TX 77380 281-367-9266-ext. 17 fax 281-292-7429
Exceeding Expectations / Residential Property Management (1.6MB)
This course given by the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center outlines how your company can exceed expectations in the residential property management business.
Manufactured Housing Under Renovation (108K)
This article from Dawn Wotapka and A.D Pruitt from The Wall Street Journal explains how the latest generation of manufactured homes have corporate executives hoping they will help to update the industry's image to get beyond its association with trailer parks.
Cash Flow Tips - Pin Your Hopes To These New Revenue Streams (31K)
Martin N. Burton is a partner in the real estate department of the law firm Eisner, Kahan & Gorry in Beverly Hills, Calif. He wrote this article that appeared in CIRE, the CCIM Magazine July/August 2011 issue.
Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest (90K)
Tim Terry, founder of World Trend Financial offers his reflections on the most common financial and tax mistakes he has seen people make in his 35 years as an advisor.
Happy Together - Reinventing Home (581K)
For years, boomers have denied they are going to get old. Now, with knees that need scoping and birthday cakes with way too many candles, the defiant generation is finally thinking about the future - especially where and how to live.
An Era of Less (206K)
Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow at The Urban Land Institute, says when it comes to the current state of commercial real estate, "The problems are obvious, but the solutions oblique". Read this article from the ULI Senior Resident Fellows Update.
A Challenge To Help Homeless Veterans (55K)
Kirk Ferentz, University of Iowa head football coach, started The Homeless Veteran Project several years ago. Read about it in this article from the November 11, 2011 Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Gazette.
6 Mistakes Housing Investors Make (310K)
This article is from The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 2011
Top Ten 1031 Exchange Misconceptions (18K)
This article is from First American Exchange, January 2010
Living Beautifully (136K)
This article titled "You've Got Ants Marching Through Your Kitchen" is from Ladies Home Journal
Sam Zell's Acquisition of Hometown Parks Confirms.......... (39K)
That the Market Has Turned! This article is by Frank Rolfe of, an online hub for commercial real estate niches.
High Vacancy High Wire Act (28K)
This article from CCIM CIRE Magazine, Sept/Oct 2010 includes one property owner's experience with passing along not only water costs, but sewer and garbage costs as well.
Bohemian Cove (247K)
The hippest neighborhood in Malibu, CA is....a trailer park? Yes, according to this article from the March 2011 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.
Where Residents Can Find Rent Money When They Can't Pay (44K)
The True Story of How to Fill Lots..... (64K)
Frank Rolfe Article published in The Journal - July 2010
Are We In A Housing Bubble? (1.0MB)
Unlock the Potential (882K)
Successful Future - What will it take (904K)
What can you do to add value (578K)
When Your Property Doesn't Sell.. (621K)
Joanne offers eight important reasons why your park or community doesn't sell. These reasons can easily apply to any commercial investment property.

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